Another attack by Satan – fallen brother in ministry, hurt families and lesson for us

June 10, 2009

Today some sad news became public of a ministry leader, Gary Lamb, who stepped down from pastoring.  While I will leave the description to his blog, it’s important that we as men read, listen, and pray for him and all involved.  They need our prayers!

Additionally, I recommend reading these additional posts about this as they each provide perspective which I found really powerful:  Geoff Surratt and Ron Edmonds.  While these are written more towards pastors, I was really struck by how the points in each of these apply to all of us as men, leaders, fathers, friends and husbands.  It may be hard to understand God’s plan in this, but is seems reasonable to surmise that one goal is to provide a “teachable moment” for others.

It is my prayer in sharing this that each of us in our network would pray for those involved and grow individually.  Let us do our part to ensure that Satan’s attack is not ultimately successful.


June 2 Meeting Update

May 31, 2009

We will be continuing our study through the book of Revelation!  This week we decided it would be good to cover the first 6 chapters again – there is simply alot to talk about – so bring your thoughts:  what were your take-aways, what struck you in a new way!

Tuesday morning May 26 topic

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

Tomorrow we will be starting a short study through the book of Revelation!  This week will be focused on ch’s 1-6.
Also, if you have not yet been able to respond to our survey – your input would be valuable to helping to guide us as a group.   Last week we discussed some of this but with only a few of you.

A few site updates

May 23, 2009

I have added a couple of new pages which summarize the various group times/locations and some of the books we have studied.  Hopefully this can help both other groups and anyone new to our site.  If you have any other ideas for content please comment and suggest.

Final week for Bible in 90 days

May 18, 2009

Ok so we stretched it by a week or so, but this will be the final week. 

This has been a big challenge for most of us and if you are like me, you have had to jump over some days to catch up.   As we wrap up, would welcome your review and feedback on passages which have stuck with you and how much you were able to accomplish!   No doubt this will a positive effect on your walk with the Lord and knowing more of His great word!

Teaching from Saturday – The Power of Spiritual Preparation

April 27, 2009

This past Saturday was a men’s breakfast meeting at the Rockville campus.  If you missed the teaching or were unable to get a copy, you can download it here.  powerofprepapr2509  Make sure you check online for details on the next meeting.

April 21st Update – Bible in 90 days

April 26, 2009

Thanks to Jim for covering last week and capturing the great notes below!  This coming week we will be discussing days 70-76 (the Gospels) in our schedule. 

Below are comments Jim shared from last weeks meeting, a great discussion including challenging questions around contemporary culture(s) and how we as Christians should or should-not adopt (recall this is discussion, not conclusion).

We spent time discussing the book of Daniel, and on being faithful to God, and how we conform to society’s trends/habits with little or no regard to its impact on what God expects.

Quotes by Chuck Swindoll:

  • “Belief and Behavior go hand ‘n hand.”
  • “We are the only Gospel anyone will ever read.”

Other items discussed:

  • Believe in God, never lack daily bread…  Live by faith that He will provide. 
  • Is contemporary dress style, men wearing shirt tail outside pants with sweater or suit coat, lending to other areas of sinful behavior? 
  • Is it necessary for youth pastors to “dress-down” to lore young people to listen to the Gospel? 
  • Culture evolves but the Word of God remains the same.  How far should spiritual leaders go to attract followers?

The book of Daniel emphasizes the importance of remaining faithful to God, even under difficult circumstances.  Why should today’s Christians be any different than Daniel?