Day 15 of reading the Bible in 90 days… Where are you?

February 24, 2009

This is day 15 in our journey through the Bible in 90 days.   So how are you doing? 

We had a great group meeting this morning and impressive to see the progress.   There was some great feedback on the impact this journey is having!  I have to admin – I am behind but am committed to getting caught up.   Let’s keep up the progress and if you cannot join us in person, would still love to hear from you.

Please add your comments below.


Bible accuracy

February 16, 2009

Here are a couple posts from a guy I’ve been following for a while on the Bible.  He is apparently involved in ministry, perhaps as a youth pastor, and I really like most of his stuff.

These two posts should be helpful.

There are two others so far.  Look for them on the right of whatever page you end up on.  

Hope they help!

John Andrew

GodTube is now Tangle, plus fav video where pastor silences youth meeting

February 14, 2009

In case you had not noticed, GodTube is now

Also, been wanting to repost the link to this sermon preached awhile ago.   I had sent around via email, but wanted it here for others.  You get the sense this guy really catches their attention (and your if you watch)!

You can spend hours on Tangle enjoying the content – so please post anything you find via comments!

Our 90 day Bible reading plan

February 1, 2009

Here is the 90 day plan I am proposing we follow starting Monday Feb 9th.   After researching various plans this seemed simple and provides for 2 days to catch up!  So comment here online or join us this coming Tuesday to discuss further.

This uses a technology from a company called Scribd which provides for online publishing.   You should be able to print this out or save locally as a PDF.

View this document on Scribd

Bible reading plan resources

February 1, 2009

In doing research for our reading the Bible in 90 days, I have come across a number of interesting Bible reading plans.   These include topical, time based, and version based – so wanted to share with everyone.  

 If you know of others please comment and share.