April 21st Update – Bible in 90 days

Thanks to Jim for covering last week and capturing the great notes below!  This coming week we will be discussing days 70-76 (the Gospels) in our schedule. 

Below are comments Jim shared from last weeks meeting, a great discussion including challenging questions around contemporary culture(s) and how we as Christians should or should-not adopt (recall this is discussion, not conclusion).

We spent time discussing the book of Daniel, and on being faithful to God, and how we conform to society’s trends/habits with little or no regard to its impact on what God expects.

Quotes by Chuck Swindoll:

  • “Belief and Behavior go hand ‘n hand.”
  • “We are the only Gospel anyone will ever read.”

Other items discussed:

  • Believe in God, never lack daily bread…  Live by faith that He will provide. 
  • Is contemporary dress style, men wearing shirt tail outside pants with sweater or suit coat, lending to other areas of sinful behavior? 
  • Is it necessary for youth pastors to “dress-down” to lore young people to listen to the Gospel? 
  • Culture evolves but the Word of God remains the same.  How far should spiritual leaders go to attract followers?

The book of Daniel emphasizes the importance of remaining faithful to God, even under difficult circumstances.  Why should today’s Christians be any different than Daniel?


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