April 14th Update – Bible in 90 days

April 19, 2009

I little delayed in providing last weeks update, but we had another great discussion!  While the pace is doable, it definitely requires constant attention – but we are getting towards the end.   This past Tuesday we discussed days 56-62 of our schedule.  This past week some of the notable comments were:

  • Even growing up in Christian family, we don’t always have goals set forth.  [consider how this relates to your own family!]
  • “There is not greater hindrance to the salvation of souls than self-sufficiency”, from Mathew Henry’s Commentary. 
  • “I continually look at what I am doing to find out what I actually believe.” [wow – consider that your actions tell the real story, so what do your actions tell].

It’s incredible how each week the discussion can lead us to some challenging points.   For this coming Tuesday April 21 we plan to discuss days 63-69 which will round out the Old Testament.


90 day journey – half way mark

March 31, 2009

This week marked the half way point in our journey!   To confirm, this past Monday (March 30) everyone should be reading on day 49 of the reading plan!   I know that many (including myself) have some catchup to do – lets commit to get caught up and see if we can pull through on our goal!

Another great day of discussion, some comments

  • Amazing how the thoughts and words spoken in the Psalms can so closely match thoughts and feelings we experience today.
  • Great discussion about what our happiness should be based in, how is it defined. 

Have a great week and give all the glory to God!

Great video on “How do I know there is a God”

March 28, 2009

Here is a great video I found on Tangle (previously GodTube) with a well known apologist and philosopher talking about “How do I know there is a God.”  He boils it down to 3 very simple points – well worth watching!


Another great meeting today – Day 29 of 90 days!

March 11, 2009

Another great meeting today – 6 brothers enjoying hot Starbucks and talking about God’s word.  It is incredible to hear how God has been impacting folks as they join this journey!  

Wanted to share some comments & key scripture from today’s discussions:

  • 2 Samuel 19:6 – “You love those who hate you and hate those who love you…” – have you ever done this?
  • 1 Sam 16:15 – “Saul’s attendants said to him, ‘See, an evil spirit from God is tormenting you…’ ” – question raised around what was meant by an “evil spirit from God”…
  • Sometimes answers to our questions are right in front of us and we simply chose to ignore them… pride
  • David & Solomon were not saints, however God held David in higher esteem than He did Solomon, why?

Feel free to add comment about others thoughts from this weeks chapters.

Servolution – Coming to Church of the Redeemer

March 8, 2009

Our church is participating in the exciting Servolution movement led by Dino Rizzo’s team at Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge.  They have really championed serving ones local community through various acts of love – even simple acts like washing cars and bringing lunch to construction teams – and are pushing this momentum throughout the US and .

So this week our church (Church of the Redeemer) has sign-up forms in church and online – let’s all get involved and show some love for our community!

Here is link to Servolution site – http://www.servolution.org – I defnitely encourage you to checkout this site and read about the mission.

Here is link to information at Church of the Redeemer in Gaithersburg, MD – http://www.church-redeemer.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=62286

May we all serve others just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples – selflessly!

Day 15 of reading the Bible in 90 days… Where are you?

February 24, 2009

This is day 15 in our journey through the Bible in 90 days.   So how are you doing? 

We had a great group meeting this morning and impressive to see the progress.   There was some great feedback on the impact this journey is having!  I have to admin – I am behind but am committed to getting caught up.   Let’s keep up the progress and if you cannot join us in person, would still love to hear from you.

Please add your comments below.

Bible accuracy

February 16, 2009

Here are a couple posts from a guy I’ve been following for a while on the Bible.  He is apparently involved in ministry, perhaps as a youth pastor, and I really like most of his stuff.

These two posts should be helpful.  



There are two others so far.  Look for them on the right of whatever page you end up on.  

Hope they help!

John Andrew